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Dorothy Cox's Chocolates: Eighty Years Old and Still Going Strong
Focus was on the Dorothy Cox Candy Store's 80th anniversary. The Cox family was interviewed and the family history researched with the help of the director of the Millicent Library, Carolyn Longworth, and archivist Deborah Charpentier. Colored photographs of the family and various points of interest in the family store on Huttleston Avenue are included. $5.00. Sale Tax. Postage $1.00.
Between These Pages
For many years the author has been a Special Correspondent for the Advocate, the local newspaper. Articles were submitted under the column "The Way It Was" and "Getting to Know Your Neighbor." The newest project has been interviewing people in the community from various sections of town and all walks of life. Most of the articles written over the years are between the pages of this book. There are beautiful colored photos through the book. $16.00 Sales tax. Postage $2.50.
The Dramatic Rescue of Venture I
The author's father was a member of the crew on the Venture I when it was fishing off of George's Bank during a violent storm and was assumed lost. A Russian factory boat made contact with Venture I. The story of the dramatic rescue of the crew and the 68-foot wooden fishing boat from New Bedford unfolds. Pictures of the crew, a Russian note to Americans, a letter form the Embassy, and an article from American and Russian newspapers are included. $9.95. Sales tax. Postage $2.00.
The Fairhaven Improvement Association Update
An organized and updated history of the Fairhaven Improvement Association many committees, projects and events from 1975 to 2005. Many colored photos included. $5.00. Sale tax. Postage $1.00
Pride in Our Past
A handbook that includes historic information given to the author over the years. A source of reference for a person to be able to look up a subject quickly and within minutes know enough about it to converse with someone, introduce it to a class, or simply use it as a point of reference when doing a report. Excellent account of Fairhaven's involvement in the Revolutionary Period, the War of 1812, information about Down to the Sea in Ships, Laura Keene, a letter about Captain Joshua Slocum's lecture, Fairhaven High School Trust Fund plus much more. 70 pages, 30 pictures, paperback, perfect bound, wrap around cover. $14.95. Sales tax. Postage $2.50.
Your Poland As Seen Through Our Eyes
The late Richard Saunders invited my husband and I to join him on his 33rd trip to Poland and to serve as good will ambassadors. He asked me to write about the trip and to take plenty of photos while while we were there. When he saw the finished manuscript he paid fthe project and gave the book to his many friends.
It Just Wasn't My Thing
The author had a silent heart attack in 2003 and part of the recovery program was to attend rehabilitation therapy three days a week. It wasn't her thing. Day by day she learned to do what was expected of her in the recovery program.She was the model for various parts of the program.This book was used as a handout at the local hospitals for the heart attack victims. $10.00 Sales tax. Postage $2.00.
Causy Goes To Summer Camp
is the story of the author's pet calf who got into all kinds of mischief. She even followed her to Rogers School one day! Causy went to summer camp at West Island. It's a delightful story for children of all ages.
Hard cover with jacket. 32 pages plus 16 colored illustrations. Signed copies. Also special messages. Price $18.95 plus $1.00 tax.( If requesting mailing add $4.00 postage.)
Available at Euro, Phoenix, Baker Books, and Davoll's General Store.
New England Snow Covered Stonewalls
78 colored photographs of New England snow covered stonewalls in Fairhaven.
Soft cover. Perfect bound. Limited edition.
Included poems: "The Mending Wall" by Robert Frost and "White Fields" by James Stephens.
$17.50. Add postage $2.50 plus 5% sales tax.
Pa's Magic Pillow
Jacket, hard cover, 40 pages, 28 colored
Illustrations. A delightful story for children.
$18.95. Add $3.95 postage plus 5% sales tax.
Architectural Treasures from the Rogers Mansion-- " The Mitchell House"
Thirty 8x10 colored photographs of the architectural treasures from the Rogers mansion.
Soft cover $19.95. Add postage $3.95 plus 5% sales tax.
Hard cover limited numbered edition $38.00.
Add postage $5.00 plus 5% sales tax.
Around the Kitchen Table
Around the Kitchen Table is a story of how a family reacted to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on America.
It is written for children ages 8-12. The history and geography of Afghanistan, the Muslims, Arabs, and Jews are for all ages. The book promotes a sense of pride in America.
Paperback, 8 colored photographs, plus two maps.
$15.50. Postage $3.95 plus 5% sales tax.
My Town
128 pages with 213 colored photographs taken during the last decade of the 20th Century of Fairhaven and its major events.
Focusing on the variety of homes throughout the town, and a record of the centennials; and Fairhaven's many beauty spots.
$24.95. Postage $3.95 plus 5% sales tax.
The Castle On The Hill
100 colored photographs of Fairhaven High School and the new addition. Beautiful photos of Room Seven, stained glass windows, Mable Hoyle Knipe auditorium, Italian marble floors, and oak paneling in the 1906 building and the state of the art new structure.
$19.95. Postage $3.95 plus 5% sales tax.
Captain Slocum Before and After the Spray
This book was based on my speech that was given at the Joshua Slocum Centennial Celebration at the Boston National Historical Park on April 22, 1995. The reception was held in the USS Constitution Museum Building in the Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, Massachusetts. The speech was based on the early life of Captain Slocum before his voyage around the world and his later years after his return to America.
Nineteen black and white photographs plus a map showing the route of the voyage taken by Captain Slocum.
$9.95. Include postage $2.50 plus 5% sales tax.
Captain Joshua Slocum: A Centennial Tribute
A simplified version of the story of Slocum's solo voyage around the world and his connection to the history of Fairhaven.
All nautical terms have been defined, large print was used making it easier to read. Reading level - all ages. 140 pages, 15 black and white photographs.
$33.00. Postage $5.00 plus 5% sales tax.
But Then There Was More
The fourth book of the Rogers series. Focusing on Rogers birth record, early years, marriage to Abbie Palmer Gifford, Standard Oil Trust, Virginian Railway, estate grounds, and the Rogers funeral.
17 black and white photographs.
$9.95. Add postage $2.50 plus 5% sales tax.
Seeing It All
Third book of the Rogers series. 17 black and white photographs. Focusing on the Tabitha Inn, Atlas Tack, Cushman Park, Taber Lodge, Mattapoisett Center School, St. Luke's White Home, the friendship with Helen Keller and Booker T. Washington.
$8.95. Sold out.
Looking Back
Second book in the series of four; focusing on Rogers' friendship with Mark Twain, Kanawha, the mansion, a map of the estate, the grandchildren, and the will. 13 black and white photographs.
$8.95. Sold out.
Look Around You
The first book in the series on the Rogers legacy. Colored photographs of the Rogers gifts to Fairhaven.
$8.95. Include postage $2.50 plus 5% sale tax.
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